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Local 891 & 935 Meet & Greet

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 CONTACT:  Jeff English
January 29, 2016                                         909-225-4276 


Firefighters Support Global Agreement to Increase Fire and Paramedic Services for San Bernardino Residents


(San Bernardino) - The members of the San Bernardino City Professional Firefighters Local 891 have voted to support a Global Agreement with the City of San Bernardino.

"This Global Agreement is a positive step that will improve emergency response times and increase fire protection and paramedic services for San Bernardino residents," stated  Firefighters President Jeff English.  "Ensuring better public safety has always been the most important consideration for City Firefighters."

 "The Global Agreement also provides a fair resolution to the concerns of Local 891 members by redressing inappropriate past financial actions by the City," continued English.

"As part of our Global Agreement with the City, San Bernardino City Firefighters have agreed to support the Annexation to County Fire.  The San Bernardino County Fire Department is a professional organization capable of providing the highest level of fire protection and emergency services to our community.   We took this step because of our very real concerns about the dangerously inadequate fire suppression levels and paramedic response currently available to the residents of San Bernardino. The County Annexation Plan will increase and improve these vital public safety protections," stated English.

"County Annexation will restore fire fighting companies and resources that have been significantly reduced because of the City's bankruptcy status," said English.  "It will also relieve firefighters and their families of the unfair burden of working excessive overtime caused by the City's unwillingness to fully staff our San Bernardino City Fire Department."

"City Firefighters want to express our heartfelt appreciation for the support we have received from residents throughout San Bernardino.  We know that many residents wanted to maintain our 137-year old City Fire Department.  However, the safety of the public and our members is our highest priority.  We believe that the Global Agreement and County Annexation Plan will result in greater protection and a safer community for everyone," concluded English.



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Our Thoughts and Prayers are with the Victims and Families of Today's Shooting Tragedy

We also extend our thoughts and prayers to all the law enforcement members, firefighters, and others that are assisting, for a safe response and safe return from duty.

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San Bernardino City Professional Firefighters are not currently releasing any information about the mass shooting. Please contact City Hall @ (909) 384-7272 for more info.

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Message from Local 891 President Jeff English

San Bernardino Professional Firefighters Local 891 President Jeff English today issued the following statement in response to a media release issued Monday by the public relations firm representing the Mayor of San Bernardino:

"San Bernardino Firefighters commend Mayor Davis for his stated commitment to a full, independent investigation of last week's tragic fire in downtown San Bernardino. A ful...l, transparent inquiry is owed not only to the people of our city but also to the families who are mourning the deaths of loved ones.

As Firefighters, our goal is to prevent future tragedies, not to assign blame," continued English. "The fact is that since the City began closing stations, reducing services and browning out additional fire engines, three San Bernardino residents have died in fires and another resident is currently in critical condition. The citizens of San Bernardino have a right to know if recent budget cutbacks are jeopardizing the safety of their families.

We believe any inquiry should include the detailed information generated through the city's Computer-Aided Dispatch system. This information, which is public record, can provide a clearer understanding of exactly how the response to this and other incidents may have been improved. San Bernardino Professional Firefighters Local 891 has formally requested the release of the CAD data through the Public Records Act.

It was our firefighters who went into that burning apartment complex on 14th Street that morning. It was our firefighters who put their lives at risk to rescue one occupant. And it was our firefighters who made the heartbreaking discovery of two young souls inside. Like everyone in our community, these men and women deserve the answers that can only come from a full, impartial and transparent inquiry.
We are happy to leave the politics to the politicians.

As Firefighters, our first and most sacred responsibility is the safety of the people we serve. We make no apologies for that commitment."

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Charter Section 186 Information

(Click on Image above to Download Presentation)

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City Firefighters Take Legal Action to Stop San Bernardino from Violating State Laws

(Click Image to Read Release)

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Thank You Letter from the Muscupiabe Neighborhood Association

Hi, Sheldon, Brent, and BBQ team ---

Forgive me if I have already "officially" thanked you and your BBQ team for contributing in such a huge way to our Block Party!
We just want you and your firefighter team to know how greatly we appreciate your generosity of not only hot dogs, chips, water, etc. but of taking a chunk of precious time out of your Saturday to play such a big role in the success of our event.
We really couldn't have done it without you all!

Brent, thank you for taking time out of your day off to come and support our efforts to promote CERT and build "community"!

Please, lets get together sometime with key people to discuss further ways to build and strengthen CERT in our neighborhoods, schools, businesses, churches, and medical facilities. There is a lot of enthusiasm for this. In particular, Val Jolly, Rhonda Jones, Debbie Johnson, and me. I will be attending a workshop on August 15th about encouraging churches to get prepared. So, let's plan a time to meet. I will be out of town August 16th - 30th.

We value our strong and positive relationship with the Fire Department and each of the firefighters who are dedicated to taking care of us and our community! Thank you again so much.


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Local 891 donates $500 for San Bernardino Needy

SBCPF Local 891 charity committee donated $500 to the Generations Outreach fundraiser to buy food for the needy in San Bernardino. Car show was held at the generations church on Palm ave in the north end.

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Bankruptcy and Charter 186 Info

(Click on Image to view current documents)

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(Click image to view video)

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Money Donated by SBCPF Charity Committee to Date for 2013

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San Bernardino City Bankruptcy Information Website

SBPD and SBFD members have teamed up to create a website to inform residents of the current bankruptcy.

Please follow the link below to find out more.

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Watch Access Rewind as they learn more about the SBFD



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